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You won't find Boyzo! in the dictionary. You’ll have to trust that it's an exclamation of excitement or disbelief, uttered often by the man who kept me in line, taught me to work hard and never stop until it's done right. Boyzo! — he was a good dad.

Boyzo! is what he blurted that lucky day on the Jersey shore when the wind blew this umbrella into his hands and he returned it to the babe on his left, who'd become his bride and my mom. And, it's what you’ll say once you’ve reaped the rewards of choosing BoyzoDesign! for your creative graphic, photo retouching, marketing and branding needs.

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Born in Wilmington, Delaware, as the youngest of nine children, it wasn’t easy to get my parent’s attention. One brother could turn his eyelids inside out — that always did the trick. I wasn’t graced with that ability, so I quickly realized if I ran with scissors, swam immediately after eating, or played with matches, they took notice. I learned the best way to get their attention was to get their attention.


I keep that lesson in mind with every design project I work on. I enjoy creating the “image” or “face” of a start-up, small company with big aspirations, or a new product. To help them stand out and say “Hey, look at me!” without stretching the boundaries of good taste.


Since graduating from Chowan University with an Associates Degree in Printing Technology, and from Clemson University with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Communications in 1988, I have served various roles in Offset, Flexo and Gravure prepress production, and as a graphic designer on the side.


I have lived in Charlotte, NC for 30 years and I’m married with two daughters. And while I never caught either of them playing with matches, they’ve discovered a few creative ways to get my attention, a genetic trait that apparently hasn’t skipped a generation. 


So no matter whether you are a “drink milk from the carton” type or one that prefers to do your coloring “inside the lines,” contact me so we can discuss your next project. My design work and pricing is bound to get your attention!


-Brent Smith

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